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Our Recent Students

Zaid Abdulelah
Zaid Abdulelah Country of Origin: Jordan
My name is Zaid Abdulelah and I am a 6th year medical student at the University of Jordan. I have been an enthusiastic team player who is willing to engage himself in every opportunity that is provided to me in order to expand my medical expertise and develop my skills. I chose to do my elective course in the US due to advancements in the medical training and diagnostic methods here. In addition to that, I chose neurology as my choice for the elective course, because I feels that neurology is the bridge to all medical specialties and that it provides a gateway to the physiological and pathological conditions of the nervous system.

Naresh Johnson
Naresh Johnson Country of Origin: Jamaica
Naresh is a third year medical student with a degree in Medical and Research Technology. Sheworked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist for two years but always knew that medicine was what she was supposed to do. “I was born this way,” she says. She thoroughly enjoyed her neurology rotation and is also interested in Emergency Medicine.

Mohammad Alqaisieh
Mohammad AlqaisiehCountry of Origin: Jordan
Serving and treating patients has had a profound and enlightening effect on me; through this exposure, I have realized the value of qualified, skilled and dedicated professionals in the field of medicine. To that end, I am continually seeking to increase my knowledge and clinical experience so I can perform at the level I aspire to achieve. At this point I started looking for a clinical experience in the US the number one country in medicine in the world. I feel it is the place to get the kind of experience which meets my enthusiasm to be professional in my career. Neurology was my primary interest, so I found this rotation met my needs very well.

Ahmad Armouti
Ahmad ArmoutiCountry of Origin: Jordan
I am Ahmad Armouti, A last year medical student from University of Jordan, I chose to do my 1 month medical elective In Washington D.C because everyone recommended D.C for students as there are a lot of collages and students from all over the world with a wide variety museums that take you in a time machine to discover the long rode of evolution in the American History.

I chose AMIQT and Dr. Bernad because neurology generally and human mind in specific have always been my great interest in medicine, and the rotation was beyond expectation with exposure to wide spectrum of neurological cases in 3 different clinics as well as inpatient rotations in Bridge Point hospital and Grand rotations in GWH.