Rotations We Offer

Student rotations typically last four weeks; however, longer rotations can be accommodated. During that time, students learn to take histories, assess and diagnose patients, and learn about a wide range of diseases and disorders. Students assist with and observe patients. 

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We have an exceptionally strong program in Neurology. Studying under Dr. Peter Bernad, you will see an average of 3-5 patients a day. Observers will have an opportunity to interview patients and then participate in a detailed analysis/discussion of the neurological and psychiatric components of the case as well as doctor-patient relationship issues.

The course will additionally include informal lectures, guest lectures, medical conference rounds and video presentations. Observers will present every morning on topics assigned and give one formal case presentation during the rotation. 

Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine rotation offers a comprehensive learning experience of today’s primary care practice in the US. You will participate in a hands-on rotation that includes interviewing patients, performing physical exams and actively managing patients under the supervision of your preceptor. 

You will learn to use one of the most recognized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems that is used by most hospitals. Our preceptor will engage with you on pertinent clinical topics, and will offer advice on a personal level on how to become competitive to match into residency. 


Our Psychiatry rotation takes place in West Central Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. This is a rotation in adult inpatient forensic psychiatry. Patients have severe mental illness and are usually in the hospital for several years on average. You will be able to interact with patients, present on topics of your interest and discuss patient cases with your preceptor. This rotation is available only online at this time. 

Family Medicine

Our family medicine program is an excellent choice of hands-on experience that will help you understand how primary care is delivered in the United States. Get ready to be immersed into a vibrant, busy atmosphere where your contribution will be depended on. Our preceptors are passionate about teaching and will provide opportunities to practice under their supervision. As you aspire to become a primary care physician in the US, this rotation allows you to experience first-hand the complex process of managing primary care. 

You will understand the complex process of patient referrals, insurance and billing, scheduling, and running a medical practice. You will become comfortable and it will be evident to residency program directors that you are ready to go on day one. Our preceptors have themselves navigates through the arduous path of being trained in the US as International Medical graduates and will guide you on becoming competitive as you consider to apply for residency. 


Our pediatric rotation is an excellent choice of a hands-on experience that will help you understand how pediatric care is managed in the US. Get ready to be immersed into a vibrant busy atmosphere where your contribution will be depended on. 

Our preceptor is double certified in Pediatrics and Medicine and is passionate about mentoring young physicians. During your rotation you will learn how to interview, examine and manage patients. In addition, you will get an all-round experience in managing a medical office from patient appointments to insurance and billing. Your rotation awaits you as you plan your path to become a practicing physician in the US.

Obstestrics / Gynecology

This rotation is a hands-on rotation in a private clinic. You will be able to interview patients, perform physical exams as permitted by the preceptor and also discuss management plans. Our preceptors are interested in teaching and some of them are interested in becoming US physicians.

The rotation hours are generally from 9 to 5pm, Monday – Friday. The exact schedule will be given to you prior to the start of your rotation. Our application process is simple, once you complete the application, send the first set of documents and pay the application fee, we will review and reserve a spot for your rotations. 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Our Cardiothoracic Program is an exceptional experience in the heart of the nation’s capital with a world class surgeon who has trained under the likes of Dr. Michael DeBakey. This program is for anyone who is curious to learn CT surgery and is willing to work hard. In this rotation, you will be able to learn to take a proper H & P on CT patients under the supervision of your attending physician. 

You will engage in discussions on patient management and in the process get a thorough understanding of common CT surgery problems. There will be a high emphasis on academics, case presentations and possible publishing case report if an opportunity presents. 


Our Ophthalmology rotation takes place in Washington, DC in a private practice. Hospital exposure is not an option at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions. We will be sure to keep you updated. The preceptor is an adjunct assistant clinical professor at Howard University hospital and an instructor at Washington Hospital Center. 

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Our Pediatric ophthalmology is a highly specialized rotation with a top-class preceptor who has years of experience training ophthalmology residents. Her passion to teach the next generation of physicians has extended well beyond the borders of the US in places where there has been a shortage of such expertise. This rotation offers a real hands-on experience and exposure to the latest advances in the field of pediatric ophthalmology. In addition, you will have the chance to learn about the various research initiatives that are being pursued by our preceptor who currently serves as the Director of pediatric ophthalmology and Strabismus in Washington DC. This rotation is an excellent choice for ophthalmologists who are looking for further training in the area of pediatric ophthalmology. 


We have a great rotation in Nephrology. You will get the chance to follow the preceptor to two different locations in Washington, DC and Clinton, MD. Our preceptor is an IMG himself and is a good teacher. It will be a hands-on experience in a private setting. You will be learning how to take patients’ histories, perform physical exams, and develop treatment plans. There will be an opportunity to attend lectures and discussions on a regular basis. Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, you may get the opportunity to follow your preceptor to his hospital rounds.