Student Spotlight: Dr. Himaja Singana

Dr. Himaja Singana just completed a neurology rotation with Dr. Bernad and Dr. Stein. Read what she has to say about the program and meet Dr. Singana.

1. Where are you from?
I am from India.

2. What inspired you to become a doctor?
What inspired me to become a doctor is that medicine is a very fascinating subject. You always get to learn new things. The human body is an incredible topic – the more you want to learn, the more fascinating it becomes. Patients trusting you is a great honor. Helping them with their problems and watching them smile back at you is one of the most soothing things anyone can feel.

3. What is the specialty that interests you the most?
Dermatology or Surgery.

4. How was your experience with AMIQT?
My experience with AMIQT to-date is awesome. I have learned many new things. I have become confident while interacting with patients. Dr Bernad and the staff were very welcoming and supportive. I personally feel the students here never feel like outsiders. Our doubts were calmed with patience.

5. What are your plans after this rotation?
I am still exploring my plans after this rotation, but I loved this experience. I would like to thank you all for providing us with incredible knowledge and experience.
7. What was your most memorable experience during your time here?
Most memorable experience – Actually, I cannot specify one thing. There are many. In fact, every day was memorable, whether it was because of the patients, the other doctors, the staff, Dr. Nakka, or Dr. Bernad. Everyone was amazing and the sweetest too. 

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