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For International Medical Students & Graduates

American Medical International Quality Training (AMIQT) welcomes international medical students and graduates for month long clinical observerships, rotations and externships in the Washington DC Metro area. This program is specifically designed to benefit international medical students and graduates seeking United States clinical experience.

learn american medicine & Healthcare

Gain hands-on medical experience 


earn your letter of recommendation

increase your chances of placing into residency

For Physicians, Hospitals & Medical Schools

AMIQT works directly with Physicians, Private Practices and Hospitals to ensure a professional and educational rotation is experienced. 

improve overall reputation
build connections

Improve your Clinical Skills with truly hands-on, direct patient contact.

Get the opportunity to receive a LoR from your preceptor to help support your goal of achieving residency. 

Choose your desired specialty and experience US healthcare directly through In-Person or Virtual Rotations. 

Our AMIQT staff will be there for you every step of the way. We will ensure you are properly taken care of with professional communication & planning. 

Explore one of the most visited cities in the US! Visit iconic sights and learn about American history. Enjoy the restaurants, museums, art and cultural attractions available. 

We offer convenient furnished accommodations in shared student living facilities.


Welcome To AMIQT

Hands-on Clinical Rotations for International Medical Graduates

We offer month-long internships, externships, observerships and rotations to foreign medical graduates and current medical students. This is an opportunity to get United States clinical experience with exposure to clinical medicine in private practices and hospitals in the Washington D.C. metro area.

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